Our Service

Our Service

For us, machining is a passion turned into a business. Excitement for what we do makes providing high quality parts and great customer service something that comes natural. However effective planning from the very start is what helps us accomplish this task. We believe it is only through an organized system of planning, starting with the quote, that on-time deliveries and customer expectations can be ensured. Our proven system of planning is the reason we are able to effectively decrease our lead time and schedule on time deliveries.

To help us complete this task, J.W. Burg Machine & Tool has implemented Shoptech's E2 enterprise resource planning software.  E2 has helped us, as a company, streamline all business activities into one system as well as integrate our office with our shop floor. In addition, E2 allows us to identify, and remove any bottlenecks that may occur in our production process ahead of time, rather than reacting to them in the middle of multiple production cycles.

I invite you to come see how my business can serve yours,

Joseph Burg

President and Owner